Extended warranty as alternative to PaaS?

On this blog we’ve dedicated multiple articles explaining why Product-as-a-Service (PaaS) is an important piece of the circular puzzle. From detailing the environmental benefits to declaring it a sustainable solution. The most important reason why a PaaS model could work is that it forces producers and vendors to focus on delivering long-term continuous value for … Read more

Canoo: Build for Mobility as a Service

Photograph of the Canoo

Upon launching the website it is clear that Canoo doesn’t want to be another electric vehicle startup. The first thing you’ll see is the payoff “Your electric vehicle membership”. Their goal isn’t to sell you an electric car but a quick, easy and affordable means of personal mobility. Their service and product are all designed … Read more

Circos launches subscriptions for children’s and maternity clothing


Young children grow out of clothing fast and good clothing doesn’t come cheap. Furthermore, the short lifespan of the clothing is also a major environmental burden. For the company Circos these where important motivations to launch its subscription service. The startup has launched its service in the Netherlands and Denmark this month to offer a … Read more

Report on “Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference”

Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference 2019

On the eleventh of November, a diverse group of experts from a variety of fields attended “Everything-as-a-Service: The Unconference”. The event was organized by Firmhouse in collaboration with Emerce and held in the iconic “Groothandelsgebouw” in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Because of the free-flowing “unconference“-format and the broadly defined theme of the event, the scope of … Read more

Solution ‘as a Service’?

Buying a product has been the default way we’ve “consumed” products in modern industrialized nations. However, more and more companies and consumers are “leasing” products instead of buying them. This method of consumption could be a model for a better, cleaner and more circular economy. Some call this model “Product-as-a-Service” and it is the topic … Read more